Digital Lenders

Micro, small and medium-sized digital lenders can struggle big time to achieve business growth. All the metrics may be aligned, but access to capital may be lacking. This gives larger companies an unfair advantage. credoscore ends the imbalance by providing business owners with a more accurate credit rating that can get them the loan they need. Our advanced credit scoring algorithms can help you create more accurate credit ratings to provide more loans to new customers. And credit scores are provided in real-time — no wait and no hassle.

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to micro, small and medium businesses.

From zero collateral – to hero

Immediate credit scoring results based on smartphone metadata enables your clients to have the working capital they need to finance their dreams without collateral.

Fully automated

credoscore’s alternative credit scoring methodology is a fully automated process that supports your existing credit policies.

Ease of use

Easy, straightforward steps to access credit and underwrite applicants ensures convenience for all parties.

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